Arado Barbecue ‘Chapa’ Hot Plate
  • Arado Barbecue ‘Chapa’ Hot Plate

    The stunning Disco de Arado ‘chapa’ Hot Plate is a unique addition to your fire pit and barbecue kitchen. Like our Fire Pits and Pans, the fact that these are forged at temperatures exceeding 1000ºC with 5mm thick steel make them ideal for prolonged, high temperature use.


    The ‘Chapas’ come pre-seasoned and with a 25cm wide cooking rim, can be used for a wide range of foods and are a real draw due to their unique look.


    They sit on their own tripod stand and fit perfectly with our Disco de Arado Fire Pits, which can be purchased seperately.


    Diameter: 60-61cm


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