Asado barbecue masterclass

Asado barbecue masterclass


More than just food, Argentina’s version of the barbecue, the ‘asado’, is always an event, a social gathering centred around a banquet of delicious meats cooked over open fires.


Our asado masterclass captures this spirit and delivers a fantastic day of barbecueing and feasting that also equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to cook up your own gaucho-inspired barbecue storm back home.


Suitable for enthusiasts at all beginner, novice and advanced levels of barbecueing, we'll take you through the asado process step by step, covering among other things the basics of starting and managing a fire, meat selection, grilling, using the fire-pit, carving, serving and menu ideas.


The lessons are run on the outskirts of the UK's answer to the Pampas, the Fens, at the fantastic Cambridge County Polo Club.



  • What is asado?
  • Fuels
  • Fire lighting, maintanance & regulation
  • Asado meats and cuts
  • Sauces & marinades
  • Veg, part of your 5-a-day
  • Serving and presenting the food
  • Clean down and grill maintanance


    Bringing the big meat, outdoor fire-cooked asado barbecues of Argentina to the UK.


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