Disco de Arado Barbecue Fire Pan
  • Disco de Arado Barbecue Fire Pan

    Our Disco de Arado barbecue and firepit cooking pans are manufactured in the finest of Argentine traditions. Fired at temperatures exceeding 1000ºC, these heavyweight, hot-forged Discos de Arado pans can take and retain major heat, providing a long life and excellent cooking.


    With a whopping 10 litres capacity, Disco de Arado fire pans are  exactly the same as the ones we use at home and at our events, dishing up fire-cooked food to hundreds of people.


    They sit perfectly with our Disco de Arado Fire Pits and like the Fire Pits, started life as railway track steels before being reforged for plough blades and now in their third iteration, are a mighty fire pit pan.


    The Disco de Arados come pre-seasoned.


    Diameter: 55-57cm

    Capacity: 10 litres


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