Disco de Arado Firepit and Barbecue Cooking Bowl

Disco de Arado Firepit and Barbecue Cooking Bowl


Our Disco de Arado barbecue and firepit cooking bowls are manufactured in the finest of Argentine traditions. Fired at temperatures exceeding 1000ºC, these heavy weight, hot-forged Discos de Arado can take and retain major heat, providing a long life and excellent cooking.


They're exactly the same as the one we use at home and at our events, dishing up fire-cooked food to hundreds of people.


The Disco de Arados come pre-seasoned, but we do recommend you season them once you've unpacked it at home.


Our Disco de Arado has detachable legs to make them easy to store and transport for outings or camping trips.


Diameter: 55-57cm


    Bringing the big meat, outdoor fire-cooked asado barbecues of Argentina to the UK.


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