The Vargas Brothers Arado Fire Pit, Medium c. 56cm, Large c. 66cm. Accompanying grills and chapas sold as optional extras.


Following the best Argentine traditions, The Vargas Brothers Arado Fire Pit is built from the hot-forged Discos de Arado, allowing it to both take and deliver great heat. These started life as railway track steels before being reforged for plough blades and now in their third iteration, are one of the most robust firepits on the market.


The Vargas Brothers Arado Fire Pit comes in two sizes, both of which are large and solid enough to be a garden or patio fixture, while their detachable legs make them straightforward to store and transport for outings or camping trips.


If you want to add outdoor kitchen capabilities to the Vargas Brothers Arado Fire Pit, you can choose to add a grill or the unique ‘chapa’ hot plate at discounted rates to their standalone prices.


The Large fire pit can also be used with our Arado Fire Pit cooking pan – Disco de Arado.


Medium Fire Pit: £165

Fire Pit Grill: £20

Chapa cooking plate: £30


Large Fire Pit: £185

Fire Pit Grill: £25

Chapa cooking plate: £30


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The Arado Gaucho Fire Pit