Gaucho style asado barbecues for weddings, parties, birthdays, private dinners and corporate events.


The Vargas Brothers bring the big fire, outdoor ‘asados’ of Argentina to the UK. From small private dinners serving entire sirloin strips – ‘bife de chorizo'  – to wedding catering, big party barbecues and events where whole lambs, sides of beef and even whole cow or whole ox roasts are cooked slowly and lovingly for several hours. As well as the traditional cuts of meats and a selection of offals, we also provide fresh, fire charred vegetables, from roast squashes to fire-blushed peppers, all accompanied by some of South America's finest salsas.

Logs brightly burning orange and red for a slow roast lamb barbecue.

Lamb ‘a la cruz’.

Experience the deep flavour of our succulent, slow roast whole lamb.



Luciano lambs and chickens_Oliver J Brow


Bringing the big meat, outdoor fire-cooked asado barbecues of Argentina to the UK.


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  • Dinner and garden parties

  • Corporate activity days

  • Banquets

  • Company barbecues

  • Weddings

  • Event catering

  • Festival pop-ups

The fire, smoke and embers that will roast this lamb over six hours.