We moved to the UK in 1977, forced out by the military dictatorship in Argentina, and made our way to friends in Cambridge, which became our home.

From the beginning, asados – barbecues – were an integral part of our lives. A tradition of cooking outdoors came with us from Argentina and whenever the weather permitted no matter what time of year, Papa Vargas would fire up the parrilla (grill).

Whole chickens, sides of beef ribs and whole lambs were normal to us, but our British friends were fascinated and as we grew up, so did our barbecuing. We started catering for large parties, birthdays and friends' weddings, often setting up whole lambs 'a la cruz', the traditional Gaucho method of slow roasting lambs and whole sides of beef ribs using a simple cross.

Following years spent working in restaurants across Cambridge and London, we decided the time had come to bring this traditional South American style of cooking to a wider audience and launched The Vargas Brothers.

This Spring we are excited to be launching a ASADO BARBECUE MASTERCLASS,  a full day class where, guided by the Vargas Brothers, Lautaro and Luciano, you can learn to combine live fire, smoke and succulent meats in the grand tradition of the pampas' gauchos. Visit our Masterclass page for more information.


Take a look at the youngest Vargas brother's own family business, building and renovating homes: Inti Construction.


With Papa Vargas in the Picos de Europa and preparing some tasty meat for Asado, already as The Vargas Brothers.